circHouse, INC

At circHouse, 70% of our leadership team has long-term experience in International Development. As such, we recognize not only the value the circHouse can bring to transitional shelter needs and emergency relief instances, but we know how to get them there. So... With each circHouse sold, a percentage of the profits are ear-marked for our philanthropic activities providing shelter at critical moments - saving lives..

Transitional shelter


Natural disasters combined with the international refugee crisis makes the need for emergency / transitional shelter greater than ever.

village solution


More than 30 million people live in sub-standard housing... Children learn under a tree, babies are born on the footpath. We offer the circHouse as a solution. 

Looking good, doing good...

“…to change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete” -  Buckminster Fuller

CIRCHOUSE - it's not just a yurt, it's a circHouse

preserving dignity in the face of disaster


At circHouse our goal is to deliver a multi-functional shelter solution for displaced populations, rural villages and post-disaster affected communities. 

Keep the family unit together, protect women and children, maintain dignity and provide hope.